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To Be Translated or Not to Be


* SAP terminology specialised

GERMAN/ENGLISH/DUTCH (Translation; MTPE; Proofreading; Copywriting)


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Professional Translator Profile


Dutch/Frisian mother tongue (bilingual)
German fluent oral and written skills | C2
English fluent oral and written skills | C2
French school proficiency | B2
Italian basic proficiency | B2

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After twenty years working as a freelance translator in Berlin, I made the move to the Mediterranean climes of Gozo last spring (note: 2016). Over the past 5 years I have had the pleasure of co-operating with over 95 clients, providing reliable and accurate translations always delivered on schedule. I am an excellent communicator and with my vast experience translating diverse and complex briefs I am able to bridge the gap between the English and the Dutch language, as well as the German and the Dutch language.

My particular area of expertise includes technical and corporate documents, specialist engineering manuals and software. As a rule of thumb, I can comfortably translate 2000-3000 words / day (approx. 50.000 words monthly).

Should you be in a rush and in need of urgent assistance, I can translate up to 4000 words per day (with modest help from MT…). Where larger volumes are required, especially within a short period of time, advance notice is always appreciated.

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Ritz interviewing Gerrit Komrij, one of his literary heroes. Vila pouca da beira, Portugal, 2009


Photo: Edward Hopper Exhibition Rome 2017


Phone: +356 79078183

Mail to: only1ritz@gmail.com